Behind the Scenes

Aedes Architekturforum, Berlin, Germany

Gallery exhibition


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GXN team
Stephanie Miller, Audur Hreidarsdottir, Kim Herforth Nielsen, Kasper Guldager Jensen, Jan Ammundsen, Jeanette Hansen, Casper Østergaard Christensen, Kasra Karimi, Ana Merino, George Cox, Rohan Goradia, Otis Harley, Shaun Ryder, Rebekah Tien , Yidi Xu, Christian Harald Hommelhoff Brink, Alexander Guldager Kongshaug

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, 3XN takes a look behind the scenes, beyond an image of form and façade, and tells stories from the process of creating buildings and from the collaborations established along the way. A building can appear to the viewer as a single object, a silhouette. This simple image belies an inherent complexity. Architects are in the fortunate position of working “behind the scenes,” seeing the multiplicity of people, stories, layers and processes that comprise a building.

Inspired by the metaphor of exploring the myriad people who bring a movie to life well beyond the actors on screen, the exhibition aspires to reveal some of the complexity inherent in every building. The exhibition uses models, drawings, plans, photos and other elements to explore multiple themes, including the evolution of building forms, facades, shaping space, physical connection, architectural collaboration and materials. 

Architecture consists of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of layers. Here they focus on four significant layers: Space, Connection, Envelope and Ingredients. In addition, they examine the Evolution of form within and between projects and the Collaboration associated with a single project and across different sectors.

In this exhibition, 3XN has included models and images of dozens of buildings. Some of them are built or under construction, others merely ideas. Each one has its own story On display will is recent projects like the Quay Quarter Tower in Sydney and International Olympic Committee Headquarters in Lausanne, as well as a selection of other significant projects that represent the firm’s approach and development of “the simplicity and complexity of architecture.”

Read the catalogue from the exhibition here

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Berlin, Germany

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